Form a Committee

A bicentennial committee can help organize efforts and ensure success. Who should serve?
Here are some suggestions for representatives:

  • city or county government
  • chamber of commerce
  • public library
  • school(s) or school board
  • businesses
  • community center (youth, senior, etc.)  
  • historical, cultural, civic, and other community organizations.

Also think about historic sites, parks, and other assets that might play a role in a commemoration event or project. Different ages, backgrounds, and ethnicities will bring range and diversity to ideas and efforts. And newcomers may have fresh ideas and will welcome the chance to contribute.

Committee Charge

The duties of a committee will vary depending on its goals and objectives, but coming together will give the community a chance to think about what it wants to accomplish. This is a great time to start a new event; however, if a festival, fair, play, or other event is already a tradition, perhaps it can take on a bicentennial focus for a year or two.