200 Alabama Bicentennial

Celebrating Alabama’s 200th birthday2017 2018 2019

Pen and ink artist Melissa B. Tubbs debuted her bicentennial exhibition, “Celebration & Preservation: Drawing Alabama’s Architectural History,” on January 5, 2018, at the Gadsden Museum of Art.

The exhibition features twenty-five detailed pen and ink drawings of architecture from throughout the state, including the Ivy Green House – the home of Helen Keller—and the Goat House—an Auburn Rural Studio Project. The exhibition will travel throughout the state from January 2018 through June 2019.

To choose which sites to feature, Tubbs divided the state into five areas and chose five buildings in each. “I did not necessarily want to choose buildings that were well-known and on the National Register of Historic Places,” said Tubbs. “However, it turns out that a good many of them are, which was a good way to find out information.” Tubbs chose a variety of buildings, including homes, churches, courthouses, businesses, and a jail. Each city hosting the exhibition has a building featured in the show.

The exhibit will be on display at the Gadsden Museum of Art from January 5 to February 23. It will then travel to the Cultural Arts Center in Tuscaloosa to be displayed from May 4 to May 25. The exhibit is officially endorsed by the Alabama Bicentennial Commission and the Alabama Architectural Foundation.

For more information on the exhibit and a complete exhibition schedule, visit Pen & Ink Works.